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KAGG Ugadi 2016 - Cultural Program Registration and Guidelines

Please make note of the below dates and guidelines for cultural programs registration. Registration starts on Feb 2nd. Please send an email to to register.

Registration Start on Feb 02, 2016
Registration End on Feb 15, 2016
KAGG Confirmation by Feb 22, 2016
Music mp3/CDs must be received by Mar 25, 2016

Please send the following information along with the registration.
Choreographer Name
Brief description of the program
Number of Participants

  • Participation is limited to ONE item only as part of a group with exception of Fancy Dress & the Opening prayer.
  • Group programs will have preference over Solo.
  • Group performance should have a minimum of 4 members, except for classical dances and Singing performances. Exceptions need to be approved by the KAGG Cultural Committee
  • Solo performances are limited to Classical Dance by trained professionals or unique items only. A maximum of two solo classical items are allowed. In case of more than two entries, KAGG Cultural Committee will decide the selection criteria.
  • Vocal items will need to be accompanied with Karaoke or live music. A maximum of two vocal
    items are allowed. In case of more than two entries, KAGG Cultural Committee will decide on the criteria.
  • Songs cannot be repeated in the entire program. In case of repetition - first come, first served
    basis will determine who gets to keep the song. All others will be requested to choose a different song.
  • Excluding skits, maximum time allowed for a program is 5 minutes.
  • Two skits are allowed and each skit cannot exceed 7 minutes.
  • Programs in Kannada language will be given preference. Other languages are Hindi and Sanskrit. In case of a program with Kannada & Hindi a minimum of 1 min Kannada song is required. Please reach out to KAGG members if you need help with song choices in Kannada language.
  • Program should not have been performed in other recent events.
  • KAGG cultural committee reserves the right to reject any program which it deems as not
    appropriate for the event. In case of too many entries, selection will be on quality/uniqueness of the item.
  • The age limit for dance performance would be 5 and above
  • Fancy dress competition will be held for 2 age groups - (1 - 6years) and (7 - 12 years)

    -- Kannada Association of Greater Greenville (Feb 2, 2016) --
  • IT'S ON APRIL 09, 2016

    KAGG announces UGADI 2016 celebrations on April 09, 2016. We bring the splendor, the entertainment and an evening for everyone to enjoy.

    Please mark your calendars. As always, we plan to have a variety entertainment event with various cultural programs and followed by dinner. Just bigger, better and more joyous than the years gone by.

    We request you and your family with friends to be part of this event and make it a memorable one.

    Stay tuned for registration details for stage performances and further information. For any questions, respond back to

    We are as excited as you are and look forward to the performances by the 'Desi Boyz', 'Electric Divaaz', 'Crazy stars' & of course 'Bindaas Boyz'. Click on the link below 'KAGG in 2015' to see what they performed last year.

    Check out KAGG activities for last year KAGG in 2015
    Check out KAGG activities the year before lastKAGG in 2014

    -- Kannada Association of Greater Greenville (Jan 15, 2016) --

    KAGG has over the years grown leaps and bounds. We now can boast of a significant increase in the presence at the KAGG UGADI function. The event has a majority of the local Asian Indian community. In the past we have had visitors from Atlanta, Ashville, Raliegh & relatives attending the function from far of places like California. We also have had people from different ethnicities come to the function as well.

    We thank all the sponsors who have/will be renewing their sponsorship in 2016.

    Why this is a good time to sponsor the KAGG UGADI function?*

    If website traffic patterns are any indication, we receive the maximum traffic (over the span of the year) leading upto the KAGG UGADI event.

    The visitors and source region also vary significantly during this time and increase as we near the UGADI event.

    The sooner you are on board the higher the visibility

    The maximum traffic is during the month of the event

    The website traffic has grown by approx. 50% since 2013 to 2014.

    We are aware of instances where visitors have looked up information like website address, phone #s other information on the KAGG website. Because they remember seeing it on the site.

    Last year in October we had 90% of the traffic as compared to the month of the event in March. Why you ask? Searches for 'Kannada Rajyotsava' lead visitors to

    The high traffic does not have to end at the event. We try to keep the traffic up even after the event.

    -- Kannada Association of Greater Greenville (Jan 31, 2016) --
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    Associates, PA

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    Sumitha & Dr. Raju Patnam,
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    Phone: 864-233-2744
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